Warmly welcome leaders of weining county to STEM Education Foundation to guide the work

2016-04-23 hits :
On April 23rd, 2016, authorized by  Weining Yi,Hui, Miao autonomous county chief Chen Bo, deputy chief Guo Peng, CPPCC vice-chairman Gao Feng, deputy chief Duanmu, county people’s hospital dean Chen Tai and county government director Kou Shaomi visited STEM Education Foundation.
Right 1: Duanmu Haigang,   deputy county chief
Right 2: Guo Peng,  deputy county chief  
Left   1:  
Gao Feng,  CPPCC vice-chairman 
Left   2:  Harrison Xia, secretary-general of STEM Education Foundation

STEM Education Foundation gave a detailed report on progress and performance of China distance satellite real-time education network program, and had a deep discussion on methods of enhancing schools information-based teaching level in villages and towns and next stage work plan.

Weining Yi,Miao,Hui autonomous county, as the first donating area that STEM Education Foundation did. Weining county committee, local government and education department gave fully support for the program for a long time. This visit led by county deputy chief Guo Peng, and they spoke highly of program’s influence in local education, noted they will put more effort to support this long-term program and accelerate improving information teaching level of schools in villages and towns.

In the meantime, both sides had a depth discussion on internet medical field cooperation. As a large area, large population of multi-ethnic autonomous counties, disequilibrium of medical resources, “see a doctor is difficult” problem also exists. County mayor Guo Peng and CPPCC vice-chairman Gao Feng expressed the hope that, through STEM Education Foundation’s advanced satellite communication technology and platform, making a contribution for the balanced development of weining medical services. Foundation secretary-general Harrison Xia immediately agreed to carry out Internet hospital cooperation in weining county. Both reached a consensus , first pilot then generalization,  and set up project team to promote the work.

Visiting distance satellite real-time class room
Displaying distance satellite real-time live system


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